Where Does the Money Go?

Breakout Of $90 Citation

When Jeff pays his citation for speeding, he pays both a fine and fees. The money is paid to the courts, but then distributed to many different funds benefiting various government entities and functions.

In statutes, the state Legislature tells the court where to send money paid on all debts owed to the court. In the case of a citation for speeding, the money is dispersed to six different funds to support law enforcement, local jurisdictions and the courts. This page provides more information on distribution of fines and fees.

Speeding Citation Revenues

The Idaho Legislature funds many programs through the collection of fines and fees imposed on speeding citations. Fines and fees can go to different funds based on which jurisdiction – state, county, or city – issued the citation. These charts reflect the courts’ distribution records from speeding citations for fiscal year 2021. (The slider under “Transaction Date” can encompass both the state fiscal year of July 1 – June 30, and the county fiscal year of Oct. 1 – Sept. 30.) Hover over a section to view its information.

Where Jeff's Fines Go

Fines collected are distributed differently depending on the type of offense and which agency issued the citation. For Jeff's speeding citation, the fine would be distributed as follows depending on whether he was cited by a city officer, a sheriff's deputy, or the state police.

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