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Jeff Goes to Court

Jeff does not believe he is guilty of speeding so he decides to challenge his citation. The following steps explain the general process for challenging a traffic citation. See also: Idaho Infraction Rules.

Plead Not Guilty

Go to the courthouse and let the clerk know that you want to plead not guilty to the citation. You can also have a lawyer represent you and communicate with the court on your behalf. The court clerk will then schedule your case for a trial date.


The trial is held before a judge. Because a traffic infraction is a civil violation and not a criminal charge, there is no jury at the trial. The judge weighs the evidence presented and decides whether the state has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the charged infraction.

The trial will have one of the following outcomes:

Found Not Guilty

The case is dimissed and no further action is required.

Found Guilty

Jeff must pay the citation.


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