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Jeff Ignores the Citation

Past-due Citation

If Jeff does not respond to his citation by either pleading not guilty or paying the fine and fees, the court will enter a default judgment finding him guilty of the charge. He will then owe the debt to the court just as if he had plead guilty. This debt can be collected through the same means as any other debt owed to the court. Click here to find out how delinquent fines and fees are collected.

Jeff can also be required to attend additional court hearings to explain to the court why he failed to address the citation. When this happens, the court may issue an Order to Show Cause setting a hearing during which Jeff will have to explain why he should not be held in contempt of court. If Jeff misses this hearing, he may be held in contempt and a warrant can be issued for his arrest.

More Information:

Unpaid Citations

Every year there are cases in which a person does not respond to a citation. Visit this link and click on "Delinquent" for more information on delinquent debts owed to the courts.

Tax Intercept

In some cases, the courts can request a set-off of the debtor's state tax refund in payment and apply that as a payment on fines and fees that are delinquent. More information about this process can be found by clicking this link and selecting "Tax Intercept."

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